Please fill in the form as completely as possible. This data serves as a first evaluation of your application.

1. Personal Data

1.3 Sex

2. Address at which you can be contacted at all times

3. Next of kin contact details

4. Graduation from high school

5. Previous university education

5.1 How long have you been studying?
University A
University B
University C
5.2 University name / city
5.3 Field of study
5.4 Course or discipline
5.5 from - to
5.6 Degree (e.g bachelor, master)
5.7 Final grade (if applicable)

6. Have you already received

...a scholarship for a BAYHOST summer course
...other scholarships (international / in your home country)
Scholarship A
Scholarship B
Scholarship C
6.1 When (from - to)
6.2 Institution (e.g. DAAD)
6.3 Purpose (i.e. language course, study exchange)

7. Have you already spent some time abroad (at least 4 weeks)?

Sojourn A
Sojourn B
Sojourn C
7.1 When?
7.2 Where (country, institution)
7.3 Purpose
For questions 8, 9 & 10: Please assign your respective experiences (regarding work, volunteering, additional professional skills) to only one question.

8. Do you have any work experience (e.g. part-time job, internship)?

Experience A
Experience B
Experience C
8.1 Which kind
8.2 When?
8.3 Where (company, organization)
8.4 Kind of occupation

9. Have you been active on a voluntary basis in the past 2 years (e.g. NGO, social initiative, church, sports club, culture)?

Commitment A
Commitment B
Commitment C
9.1 Which kind
9.2 Kind of occupation
9.3 When?

10. Have you participated in any additional (to your study subject related) seminars, conferences, projects etc. over the last 2 years?

If yes, please provide further information in your application (e.g. CV).

11. German proficiency

B1 / B2 - Intermediate, C1 - Advanced, C2 - Proficiency
Level B1 (completed by the time of application) is the minimum application requirement.
11.4 Are you currently learning German or have you been learning German for the last 12 month (e.g. language school, university)?

12. Knowledge of other languages


13. Which summer courses could you attend?


14. How did you find out about the summer course grants?

If you selected „other“, please elaborate:
I hereby assure the correctness of the answers given above and that I filled in the form myself. In case of any changes I will inform BAYHOST of these immediately.
I confirm that I will take out a private health insurance for the time of the summer course. In case of illness I will bear the costs of medical treatment.
As a grant holder I will attend all parts of the summer school program.
Please note the following declaration of consent regarding the data privacy protection:
I consent that my personal data may be saved for the purposes of the scholarship selection, granting and administration according to the legal data protection regulations. Your application data will be only transferred to all bodies relevant for the scholarship implementation and will be deleted 18 month after the selection process in case your application is not successful. The documents of the nominees will be saved for the purposes of the scholarship administration and only be used with your consent or according to the legal data protection regulations. Furthermore, the privacy declaration of the University of Regensburg applies.
Additional optional declaration of consent:

[Additional optional declaration of consent]

I consent that the collected data may be additionally used for the purposes of informing about further BAYHOST programs (via e-mail). The consent in the above mentioned use of data can entirely or partly be withdrawn to the BAYHOST at any time and effectively for the future. The revocation has to be addressed to: BAYHOST, University of Regensburg, 93043 Regensburg, Germany. The consent is optional. Through the refusal of the consent or the revocation do not arise any disadvantages for the scholarship selection.